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So is global warming real?  My friend Paige B. thinks that it is.  So does my cousin T.  Paige B. thinks that all of the dinosaurs died because of the Ice Age.  T thinks that the atmosphere is dying because of litering and wasing earth's natural recources.  I think that Earth goes through a cycle every billion years or so.  The Earth gets hot, causing everything to die because the Eco system just gives out. 



8/3/2009 02:26:13

i like jakes idea

8/8/2009 03:05:46

In the mid 1980's, a government-funded experament was conducted which paid scientists to travel to antarctica, and "observe" the Ozone layer. This observation concluded that the Ozone layer was thinning, and the Ozone Hole was widening.
Later on, mid 1990's, a group of private scientists went down to re-examine the phenominah, and found just the oposite. The ozone layer was thickening, and ozone hole shrinking.
The most logical concusion is that the phenominah workes in decade intervals, and global warming (10 years later) is yet another 10 year interval in the periodic cycle of transferable energy from the atlantic ocean.
It is also, by th way, noteworthy to realize that most of the scientific literature from the 70's held the position that the there was going to be another ice age soon. lol
lol, Tuaio Furior

8/10/2009 06:10:59

Okay, global warming is happening, I admit it. But, it's only warmed up a little bit in the last 100 years. It is not the humans fault the earth is warming up, Earth is just rebalancing itself from the last ice age. It's stupid to say that after warming up a little bit the polar ice caps are going to melt completely and raise the ocean so high that its going to flood all of new york city. Think about, after warming up 2 degrees in the last century, do you think everyone is going to die? No. It's just the liberals, they always have stuff to complain about. I have heard some pretty ridiculous things over the years. And has anything happened to us yet? No, no, and no.

8/22/2009 01:20:51

i think that it is a bit of both yes the earth dose go through cycles but i do think that people helped speed up the process.

Paige B
7/21/2010 02:14:04

Dude everyone knows they died from the ice age but what does that have to do with my views on global warming?

Jake(Website Creator/Owner)
7/21/2010 03:06:28

Shutup Paige. No one goes on my site anymore..lmao


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