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Global Warming?

Okay, so we all know that littering is bad.  But is there such thing as “global warming?”  Or is it just a cycle that earth goes through every millions of years or so?  If we don’t act soon, will our Earth go?  Or not?  We as people should make better decisions as to what we do to our Earth. 

Some people think that our earth is going to die in 2012, and others think that you need to be prepared for what happens.  You see, Earth can die at any time, so we need to be prepared. 

Maybe the extinction of the dinosaurs was caused by earth getting hotter, or the “cycle” earth goes through.  Possibly, the temperature got too hot for the dinosaurs to live in, causing them to die.  Or was it the Ice Age?  Too bad no one was there to write it down or anything.

After recently talking to my cousin and friend about global warming,  my cousin thinks global warming is real, as well as Paige B.  I think its just the cycle of Earth and what it goes through every millions of years or so.  Paige B. thinks that it was the ice age that killed the dinosaurs, while I think that the "cycle" of Earth did.  My cousin thinks that the Pollution and the wasting of our natrual recources is making our planet die.  BLOG WHAT YOU THINK!  WHO IS RIGHT,